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Survey Says!

How liberal or conservative are you?

conservative or liberal?

take the test


Commerce Department Data

private employee salaries

government employee salaries


Show me the money

CBO deficit

See what the head of the EPA was doing during the gulf oil disaster

environmental protection agency


Stop Union Thugs!

union thugs


Conservative vs Liberal Women

conservative liberal women


University teachers have no bias, no no no

teacher bias


Ironman: Capitalist Hero

tony stark


Well look who's back

fannie mae



Tea Party Protester


Glenn Beck

hope faith charity


Rick Sanchez: Professor Science

rick sanchez


Napolitano, Holder Haven't Read Law — YOU Can (pdf)


Kids AND Obama should watch this

make mine freedom


Bill O'Reilly Talking Points Memo

talking points memo


The Indoctrination Of A Country


USA Today talks about your paycheck

usa today private pay

Obama's lack of leadership on Oil Spill

obama oil spill

Crisis Explained in 4 minutes




The President of MSNBC now tells the truth

msnbc president

All the Kings Men (and women)

barack hussein obama


Let's visit Al Gore's House

al gore house

Dems in "The Office"


Missed Beck today? Watch here

glenn beck on you tube

    The Real Che (Documentary)

Ernesto "Che" Guevara


View some great videos of President Ronald Reagan 

Ronald Reagan Videos


 Latest from the Left Wing Loons

left wing loons


GM in bed with the Media

general motors


    Liz Cheney tells Obama how it is

Liz Cheney speaks

        The Acorn saga is not over

An Inconvenient Debt

beck inconvenient debt


Horowitz schools radical Muslim student

david horowitz


Ronald Reagan: Capitalism

capitalism vs socialism

Come to the USA

come to the usa

Read the law (Funny Video)

arizona law


Media Bias: Bush vs Obama

exxon valdez gulf oil


Stop Sharia Law

stop sharia law

Carbon Copies

Census Scandal


SEIU beats up man

Union threatens 16 old girl

More thugs

Interview on previous beating


Raise our Taxes!

Republicans slam union rules change

Unions Dropping Millions on Democrats

CNA Union Rally Incident

Chrysler Union Workers Caught

Huckabee sounds off on Unions


Time for Unions to Pay

Union bullies Tea Partiers

Tampa Florida violence

Man rants about unions and more

Interesting undercover work

Here they are again...

Glenn Beck gets it right

SEIU adopts protest-by-intimidation

Unions now protesting churches

SEIU fails in attempt to challenge Democrat who voted against Obamacare

The union pension ponzi scheme

$23 billion payoff to teacher unions floundering

About Sen. Bob Casey’s union pension bailout and the multi-employer pension union racket

SEIU’s Latest Target? The Red Cross


Unions vs Kids

Down With Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor

How Public Sector Unions Work


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